I Shares launches All-in-one ETF Portfolios

Not so Merry Christmas

Talk about bad timing, or maybe not.

Blackrock’s I Shares have just launched the second group of All-In-One Balanced ETFs in Canada. Vanguard was first with its Asset Allocation ETFs launched last February.

The I Shares and Vanguard offerings are very similar. But for now, I Shares has the edge in fees at .18% compared to Vanguard’s .22%. Look forward to Vanguard responding as their Balanced ETFs have been extremely popular, particularly for those interested in a long term investment where monthly income was not  a factor.

Given the recent correction in the US and Canadian stock markets (as foretold in my October 19, 2018 post “When the fit hits the shan”), getting broad diversification at low cost is going to be even more important in the future. Both company’s offerings are a great way for the novice DIY investor to operate an Online Discount Brokerage account and Beat the Bank, as Larry Bates has written in his book of the same name.

Larry Bates Beat the Bank

The Canadian Couch Potato blog does a great job of comparing the two offerings. Please read it here:

Cdn Couch Potato I Shares All-In-One ETFs

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